DigitalRX makes filling a prescription an enjoyable experience. Its ease of use and built-in features make it the most comprehensive Pharmacy Management Solution on the market. The DigitalRX application utilizes state of the art technologies, so that you can quickly and efficiently fill your prescriptions.

Check out just some of the pharmacy management software features below:

Simple Filling of Prescriptions

Filling a prescription does not need to be a daunting task. With top of the line Pharmacy Software at your fingertips, you will easily be able to input data, scan a hardcopy, transmit your claim and print out your labels within a few minutes. Here are just a FEW examples of what features we have to offer your Pharmacy!

Full Escript Compatibility for Controlled and Non-Controlled Drugs

Receive your prescriptions via Escript directly from the doctor's office to your Queue located directly on the Main Screen.

Rx Image Scanning & Document Management

Scan or Attach any images or documents directly from the Main Screen linking them directly to a patient's profile or to a specific prescription.

Full Prescriber NPI/DEA Database

We provide a full database of thousands of doctors, NPI numbers, and DEA numbers, leaving you free to focus on your pharmacy and not hunting down prescriber information. And if you run into a doctor that is missing you can add the information to a new prescriber profile quickly and easily.

Prior Authorization & CoverMyMeds® Integration

Manually filling in Prior Authorization forms is a thing of the past with any modern pharmacy software. You can easily print out a Prior Authorization form ready to go directly from the Rejection screen or submit the information to CoverMyMeds® direct from the Rejection screen!

Complete COB Billing Solution

Easily bill to primary and secondary insurances in sequence.

Will Call and On-Shelf Management

Put your completed prescriptions into the Will Call system to easily locate and/or deliver the prescription in person or out in the field with a driver. Also, check out our Mobile Delivery Apps to quickly and easily deliver and capture signatures!

Fully Integrated Workflow Module

Check the status of any prescription and where it currently is in your pharmacy workflow at any time. This tool will help you analyze and fine tune your pharmacies volume and make sure no prescription gets left behind.

Website for Refill Requests

Link DigitalRx directly to your existing website and allow customers to submit refill requests that will show up directly into your Programs Queue.

Insurance Lookup for Medicare and Commercial Plans

Find a patient's current coverage and gather all the necessary information needed to bill automatically whether they are currently enrolled in Medicare or any other Commercial Plan.

Electronic Refill Requests

Send refill requests directly to the doctor's office quickly and securely using the Doctors SPI (electronic) or physical faxes sent directly from the DigitalRx system.

Easy Refilling Module

View what is ready to be refilled for the day and contact the patient to get the refill approved. Once ready, you can Refill, Bill, and Print the prescription all with a single click. Filter this down to specific Nursing Homes or Groups to fine tune and create your auto-refill customers.

Nightly Auto-Billing for Future Bill Prescriptions

Tired of going back to bill those prescriptions that were rejected for Refill Too Soon? Set the prescription to Future Bill for the date that it will be approved, and then let our Nightly Auto-Billing feature take it from there. On the day that it is ready to be billed, our system will transmit automatically for you to make sure you don't miss any prescriptions that were advanced.

Electronic Refill Requests

Send refill requests directly to the doctor's office quickly and securely using the Doctors SPI (electronic) or physical faxes sent directly from the DigitalRx system.

Prescription Batch Billing

Have a lot of prescriptions that need filling quickly all at once? With the Batch Billing module, you can select many prescriptions to transmit automatically in sequence. The system will go through your list one by one, alerting you of any issues with the transmissions as you go and printing the labels after a successful claim has been received.

Full Compounding Module

Easily create and manage your compounds within the pharmacy software, create formulas for easy conversions, print compounding worksheets, customize ingredient prices and include lot numbers.

Text Message & Email Alerts

Send a message to the patients when their prescriptions are ready to be picked up, either by text message or email! Customize your messages before sending or set a pharmacy standard message.

Government Agency Reporting

CAIR Uploading

We are ready to go for the new California Immunization Registry system. Upload your immunization records directly from the prescription filling screen to make sure you’re patient's records are up to date!

Automated PMP Reporting

The Pharmacy Management System automatically uploads your PMP data to CURES in California without any user intervention needed. If you receive a rejection for any prescription from CURES, just make the adjustments to the Rx and mark it to be resent to CURES on the next upload!

If you’re outside of California, you can generate a PMP Data file that can be uploaded to your state's website. We know that each state has different requirements and formats, and we’ve taken care of all of that for you on the back end of the pharmacy system.

Advanced Reports

Every major report you’ll need is just a few clicks away - or design your own report with our advanced report tools and filters. Easily export any report to Excel (or any other spreadsheet program), or Print directly from the system. Here are just a few of our featured reports in the pharmacy program.

Daily Report

The daily report is your quick view of your activities for the day. At a glance, you can view what prescriptions have been Billed, Approved, Delivered, Rejected, etc. This is a great view for Pharmacists to keep an eye on the day's totals.

Drug Report

The Drug Report is available to show you details of all of your drugs - from Drug Usage to On-Hand Quantity - from this module, you can view all of your drugs at once in a quick view, or get a more detailed report of a specific drug and details of the prescriptions associated with it.

Rx Report

This report is the Go-To report for most users. With this fully customizable report, you can view details on every prescription within a certain date range and filter it down to specific doctors, drugs, patients, plans, etc. There’s no end to the different combinations available for this reporting system. If you need help with a special report, give us a call and we can help customize this report for your needs!

Insurance Report

Focusing on the transmissions from your Pharmacy to different 3rd parties, this report can tell you details on the amounts submitted, what the insurance has paid, what your estimated gross profit is, etc.

Outstanding Report

This Pharmacy Report will give you details on each insurance you have billed to and will link with your reconciliation to show you which prescriptions have not been reconciled in your accounts financials. This will then allow you to follow up with the insurance to find out when you can expect payment for the claims in question.

Automated Vendor & EDI Updates

Applying updates for prices, reconciling checks, and adding inventory manually can really be a tedious process, but with our software, we can zip right past some of the daunting day-to-day tasks of pharmacy management.

Automatic Price Updates

Our pharmacy software links to many well-known drug vendors to acquire the latest price updates to make sure you are getting the most accurate financial data for your transmissions and reporting. If you do not have the ability to link us with your vendor, we always provide the most up to date Blue-Book prices available for the drugs in our database. This ensures that you are submitting the best price possible to the insurance for your claims.

Automatic Inventory Updates

Easily check the system to see what drugs are low on inventory and submit your orders directly to your vendor from within the system. When the vendor ships your order, your pharmacy system will automatically be updated with your new numbers.

Automatic Insurance Reconciliation

Receive reconciliation data directly from your third party insurance, allowing you to save time by not entering each prescription number one by one that is listed on the check stubs. Your accounting department will thank you!

Advanced Nursing Homes

Our Nursing Home system will allow you to manage and update your Homes, Patients, and Medsheets with ease. Below are just a FEW examples of what we have in the program for your pharmacy!

Fill Cycle Module

This module can handle just about anything you throw at it. Refilling, Transmitting, Reports, Medsheets, Physicians Orders, Delivery Sheets, Print Labels, Print AR Statements, etc. It’s a swiss army knife for Nursing Homes! There are also many third party integrations to help with your workflow including QuickMar, DisPill, Pac Med, Cubex, Dosis, MedFolio, and much more!

Nursing Home Reports

The Nursing Home Report will give you an overview of all of the Homes in your system, showing you total Rx Counts, Cost, Insurance Pay, Gross Profit, and Percentages all in one grid.

Rx Packing

Need to start on your Nursing Home fills early? Pre-Pack your prescriptions so that they are ready to go and verify labels before they go out the door, all on one screen!

Accounts Receivable System

A/R Customer Screen

The Accounts Receivable Screen allows you to manage the account for your patient or home. Easily view all prescriptions or OTC items added to the current statement, set Cutoff Dates for each, add payments towards the balance, or print statements. You can also view a brief financial overview of past-due balances, over 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

A/R Reports

View all of your transactions for A/R Accounts all in one grid. From here you can filter down to view specifics by account name, date, transaction amount, etc.

A/R Statements

View a summary of your A/R Accounts from past statements or current, and print from the same screen, easily setting a cutoff date for all of the “Current” items on the list.

Point of Sale Integration

Our Point of Sale system seamlessly integrates with the pharmacy software allowing you to easily sign out prescriptions and capture signatures electronically. Below are just a small set of the features available:

  • Easy Touch Screen Design
  • Over the Counter Price Updates from Vendors
  • SIGIS Certified
  • Chip & Pin Ready
  • A/R Account Integration

For more information, click the link below to see our full set of features available.

Easy Conversion Process

The process of changing software is pretty scary to most, but our team will be with you every step of the way. We convert all of your existing data and make sure it's ready to go when you open the doors with your shiny new system. We have dedicated staff on-site to assist you with the transition process. Speak with your sales representative about our in-person training process!

Third Party Integrations

We have built relationships with many third party companies and have worked them into your pharmacy management system so they seamlessly blend in with your day to day workflow. Check out a few of our featured integrations below!

Pharmacy Robots

The pharmacy software integrates seamlessly with many of the leading pharmacy automation systems such as Parata, Kirby Lester, Innovation, Eycon, Cubex, MOT, ScriptPro, Dosis, etc. If you are looking for a specific integration, let us know and we will be happy to assist!

Shipping Companies

We’re ready to go with many of the leading shipping companies in the United States such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, GSO,, and Norco Delivery Services. Generate shipping labels and track packages directly from the pharmacy software!

A/R Statements

View a summary of your A/R Accounts from past statements or current, and print from the same screen, easily setting a cutoff date for all of the “Current” items on the list.

Mobile Apps

We provide mobile apps for all of our pharmacies to keep you informed on the go as well as delivering prescriptions out in the field. Check out our Mobile Apps page for more details and links to download for Apple iOS devices and Android.


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